Defence Against the Dark Arts - Are You Protected From Ransomware?

As companies and organisations reassess the need for adequate protection against cyber threats, Ampito Group Sales Director, Russell Bristow, shares the six key things IT teams must consider.

1. Education, education, education
No matter how sophisticated your security defences, user behaviour is always a key vulnerability, and one that is often overlooked. Over 90% of malware is delivered by email and, using services such as PhishMe, Ampito can help educate your workforce to be more cyber-smart.

2. Cover the basics: email and AV Security
This may seem basic, but it’s essential to get right. 90% of malware is delivered via email so secured email services are the essential first line of protection. Our recommendation would be Fortimail, which we can host as a service for customers.

AV security also needs to be considered, options from Trend or Endpoint 2.0 vendor SentinelOne play a role in identifying malicious code of all types and, subsequently, protecting against ransomware attacks.

3. Dynamic web and DNS security
The quickest win to protect against ransomware is a super simple ‘point and click’ installation of Cisco Umbrella Open DNS service. View their Ransomware for Dummies guide for more information. This protects you from the dynamic delivery of malware over the internet and gives you great visibility into evolving threats. Indeed, Cisco Umbrella was cited as a tool that was used to bring a halting stop to the spread of WannaCry

Yes, this one deserves the upper case and exclamation mark! Ransomware is generally ineffective if you have multiple copies of the data backed up and encrypted. Rubrik offer a great cloud archive and back up service that simplifies and demystifies the world of backing up your data and means you won’t be held to ransom.

5. Deploy Ransomware Protection Sandbox
Utilise a sandbox to emulate potential malware that passes through as unknown in the firewall rules. Fortinet’s sandbox solution is Ideally deployed in a close loop manner, integrated with mail and perimeter security, embracing Fortinet’s Security Fabric concept).

6. Consider Protection against the Next Threats
While the hot topic right now is obviously ransomware, the threat landscape is constantly evolving. Ampito can help protect against other emergency security challenges such as DDoS mitigation and, as a cyber partner who values the long term, we will continue to benchmark your security environment against the industry standards and current threatscape.

Ampito have a strong pedigree in the world of cyber Security:

  • Over 2000 supported customers protected against DDoS
  • 15 minute SLAs for our managed services
  • Thousands of deployed firewalls and security devices monitored and managed from our 24/7 SOC
  • Top level partnerships with Fortinet, Palo Alto, Checkpoint and Cisco Umbrella
  • Cyber security professionals with in depth understanding of this market

To find out more about the current threats and how to protect yourself from them, join us at the Museum of London on Thursday 27th July. We’re be hosting Risk and Resilience – Cyber Defence Against the Dark Arts. Register to join Vanix and SentinelOne for this informal ‘lunch and learn’ session from 12.30-2.30pm. Register here.