Vanix: Simplifying Change and Making Your Life Easier

By Russell Bristow, Group Sales Director

In a fast-evolving market like IT, it is always tempting to focus on The Hype and The Sizzle. And Vanix has plenty to offer on this front. Exciting, disruptive technology in SD-WAN, IoT, cyber protection, machine learning…the list goes on.

But sometimes big changes in a market, prompted by innovation or plain old economics, can mean that well-established tech can rise to the top of ‘most talked about’ lists.

Take Brocade for example – it’s been quite the story! Brocade buys Ruckus. Broadcom buys Brocade. Broadcom announces it will sell the IP business. Datacentre to Extreme, network edge to Ruckus, software business announced to be sold.

In this scenario, what do Brocade customers care about? Put simply – you want to know how you are going to keep systems on and service levels up throughout the changeover period with minimum fuss.

(Now, knowing who the writer of this blog is, the solution to this probably won’t come as a huge surprise…)

At Vanix we have found ourselves a steadying influence in this market of moving parts. We can provide certainty and integrity. So, I give you here, six ways Vanix can support you through this transitional period, and into the future.

  1. Longevity
    We’ve been around a while, have worked through many a vendor acquisition and provided consistent levels of support to customers throughout times of transition. Aruba to HP: check. Enterasys to Extreme: check. Go back far enough and even Foundry to Brocade. We are a proven support organisation, whatever develops next.
  2. Simplicity of Supply Chain
    We are partnered with both Extreme and Ruckus with established supply chain routes, sales and technical knowhow already in place. This makes business with us the easy option.
  3. Single point of support
    Don’t get stuck split between support programs and processes. Raise us a ticket and let us manage if for you, regardless of who the end vendor is. Underpinned by support programs new and old, we can bridge whatever happens as the business changes hands.
  4. Knowledge
    We understand as well as anyone the full picture and know who to go to get things done for you
  5. Empathy
    We have empathy with the situation. We love Brocade, it’s part of the history of our business. We feel the same sentiment as customers do. This empathy ensures we approach customer issues in sync with you.
  6. A Consistent Team
    With acquisition comes inevitable changes of all types. Our business is stable, our team is consistent and our processes are established.

So pass the challenges of Brocade to us, we have a genuinely comprehensive offering that is unique in the current UK market and we would be pleased to help.