Extreme Network's Portable Branch Kit

The Extreme Portable Branch Kit is a curated solution for rapid deployment of branch office networks. This solution provides the “work from anywhere” capability and delivers essential networking capabilities to connect, secure, and manage remote network sites and teleworkers. 

Whether you need a short-term solution, or a longer lasting one, the Portable Branch Kit provides the functionality necessary to provide an enterprise-class experience for all connected users, wherever they may be working.

This solution offers:

  • Rapid deployment: New extended communication infrastructure can be up and running in minutes with zero-touch provisioning.
  • Secure remote working/VPN capabilities: Highly secure tunnels to support home-based workers as well as secure site-to-site connectivity.
  • Flexible WAN connectivity: Ability to connect remote sites with any readily available WAN connectivity (Broadband, LTE, MPLS) and intelligent traffic management features.
  • Centralised management: Remote locations without IT resources can be easily managed and provisioned through a single pane of glass cloud application.
  • Integrated security: L2-7 stateful firewall, WPA3 for secure WiFi and Private Pre-Shared Key for secure authentication and more.
  • Moreover, Extreme developed four different solutions to meet the requirements of different business and different remote workers. The four packages are:
    • Cloud Managed Wi-Fi with Pluggable AP (AP 30 + ExtremeCloud IQ)
    • Cloud Managed Wi-Fi with Wall or Desk-Top Mount AP (AP 150 W + ExtremeCloud IQ)
    • Cloud Managed SD-Wan Router with 802ax AP (XR600P SD-WAN Router + AP305C + ExtremeCloudIQ)
    • Cloud Managed SD-Wan Router with two 802ax AP (XR600P SD-WAN Router + 2 x AP305C + ExtremeCloudIQ)

    Extreme Portable Branch Kit is one of the best and complete remote worker solutions present in the market. Thanks to this equipment, your workforce has the possibility to stay efficient and productive, consequently, your business can keep going fast despite this transition. Contact us today to have advice about the best package for your business and help your remote workers with the Extreme Portable Branch Kit.