Adapting businesses to the New Normal is easier with Extreme Cloud-Driven Technology!

The new socio-economic and business environment, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, is a perfect opportunity for organisations to update their skills and capabilities in strategy development and implementation to stay competitive. However, the new remote working scenario obliges businesses to upgrade their technology solutions. More than ever, companies need to be attuned to changes in the marketplace and the work environment and need to find the right technology solutions for their business. In this blog, we are going to explain why Extreme Cloud-Driven technologies are the right solutions for your business and what makes Extreme Networks different from other vendors.

Data Analysis

Every day, new technologies appear in the market; but they all have a common requirement: they need a huge volume of data. However, simply having some data is not enough. The data needs to be accurate, precise, and trusted to be confidently used and provide the insights that allow us to reach the New Normal. Besides, data needs to be properly stored to provide the level of data durability to meet even the most rigorous regulatory requirements. ExtremeCloud™ IQ’s analytics can provide a specific location and historical information. It can also be freely exported via APIs into 3rd party applications to provide additional levels of network visibility, access control solutions, etc. Finally, the collection of a high volume of data raises a new delicate problem for businesses: Security. It is for this reason that Extreme embeds networks security solutions across all their product portfolio, so your company can stay safe from the edge to the core, the data centre, to the cloud. It is also worth noting that the ExtremeCloud IQ platform is the Industry’s only ISO27001 certified cloud, supporting both GDPR and CCPA protections.

Employees identification

Extreme Cloud-Driven technology can also help the government to enable easy identification of employees or guests who have been identified as COVID-19 positive via testing. Extreme can identify a users’ trail or path through the network, and scope of exposure up to 90 days prior. This allows individuals to self-identify as positive via a portal, and automatically alert only appropriate resources and systems.
Extreme Networks provides the following services:
• Reliable, secure, and complete Wi-Fi coverage of the building, facility, or campus.
• Gather Wi-Fi client information from both authenticated and non-authenticated clients.
• With a single click on a live map, an administrator can see exactly where clients are located.
• Ability to identity movement information for a specific client, including name, email address, phone number, etc.
• Provides the ability to contact individuals while they are on your network or after they have left.
• When using BLE, an individual device or client can be tracked as it moves throughout a facility.
• Provide client trails of specific users based on MAC address or BLE identifier.
• Identify individuals who potentially had contact with specific user.
• Provide real-time as well as full historical location information of all Wi-Fi devices.
• RestFUL APIs enables network administrators to utilise custom-built and/or 3rd party applications or scripts to interface with ExtremeCloud IQ.
Extreme has become the first networking company to offer unlimited data to its cloud customers. Beginning July 1, all new ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot subscribers will have access to unlimited data for the lifetime of their subscriptions. Existing ExtremeCloud IQ subscribers will be upgraded to unlimited data in this calendar year. Extreme’s unlimited data offering sets a new standard for access to cloud data and insights that is unmatched in the industry.

Agile work environments

Finally, Extreme Networks can facilitate agile work environments. Extreme Networks, in fact, can connect and support organisations, networks, and people with cloud networking. It does not matter where your workforce is located, Extreme Cloud-Driven solutions can simplify remote deployments and operations of your wired and wireless infrastructure. Power your business with machine learning and AI. Enjoy analytics and tools needed to proactively monitor and optimise network health across every part of your organisation. And stay connected with your team.
Extreme Networks provides the following services:
• Extend reliable and secure networking services (switching, routing, Wi-Fi) from HQ, to branches and even home office.
• Zero touch, zero staging onboarding of remote access switches, Aps and/or routers; just plug and play at remote sites without requiring IT intervention.
• Real-time WAN link status monitoring and dynamic path optimisation based on user or application.
• Securely deliver corporate applications to remote and mobile workers.
• Extend corporate network, application, and security policies to the edge.
• Provide real-time as well as full historical location information of all Wi-Fi devices.
• RestFUL APIs enables network administrators to utilize custom-built and/or 3rd party applications or scripts to interface with ExtremeCloud IQ.

All things considered, Extreme Cloud-Driven technology is the perfect choice if you are looking to adapt your business to the new normal of “work from everywhere” post lockdown, smartly and completely. Enjoy all the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and keep your workforce safe while staying productive with our cloud solutions.

If you want to get more information about how Extreme can help your business contact us today and our team of experts will help you find the perfect solutions that fit your business needs.