ExtremeCloud IQ Capabilities

In the recent Extreme Networks blog Cloud Speed Innovation by David Coleman, Director, Product Marketing, he explains how innovation is often a daily process in the cloud.

Through this fast-paced feature velocity he goes on to share that ExtremeCloud IQ has added in the last month alone:
- The 4th phase of the Network Topology view includes 3 updates, including a visualisation of switch stacks positioned together and MLAG.
- Better insights into connected clients’ RF experience with comparative analytics.
- Enhancements in alarm management and audit trail management.

Here at Vanix, we consider this pace of change the new normal. It is imperative a customer gets continuous deployment of improvements in features and enhancements to their experience with the software and hardware they deploy, but crucially without the added side effects of this. Our past experience with older solutions means that if an update comes along, perhaps once or twice a year, a customer needs to segregate a significant portion of time and resources to allow for the installation and testing of the new version. What we are able to achieve here is a complete shift to where a customer receives continual upgrades and bug fixes without the hassle of that, whilst safe in the knowledge that all QA is accounted for. This can allow for a seamless migration and expansion of their existing network without downtime.

As Extreme Partner we can supply your business with the latest solutions, and we can help to adapt your business to the new normal. To get more information about Extreme technology and how it can help to improve your business contact us today!