What is old is new: the progress made on Cisco Refresh

As a proud Cisco Premier Partner, Vanix provides a wide range of Cisco Certified Refurbishment equipment as part of the Cisco Refresh program. Cisco Refresh is the trusted and smart alternative when buying new equipment is not an option or when you are simply looking for an environmentally friendly solution. Cisco Refresh can offer you peace of mind right now.

Cisco products and equipment are sold and remanufactured as part of Cisco Refresh and backed by the same warranty, service support and options, as any brand-new equipment. Cisco Refresh continues to drive value as part of the Cisco product lifecycle!

Cisco’s products power networks and shape the way we live, work, play, and learn. However, they also shape the world in many other ways. Cisco extracts natural resources to make and ship their hardware, and customers rely on this same pool of resources to make their own products and run their own businesses. And we cannot keep taking, without giving. It does not last. And it is not sustainable anymore.

For companies like Cisco, they launched Cisco Refresh, a program that re-thinks the way the business operates and the way they provide products and services to customers. By reusing well-maintained equipment, remanufacturing it, and refurbishing more of the products they produce, they can give a new life to all the equipment.

The no-longer needed equipment for some, is remanufactured or refurbished to have new life somewhere else — all while maintaining the security and warranty for which Cisco is known. For some of us, this Cisco Refresh equipment is a cost-effective solution with prices starting at 65% off the original equipment, but this innovative recycling program will be able to reduce the production of virgin plastic by 20% and increase the use of recycling. Is it too good to be true? Talk with us if you want to find out more!