Aryaka SmartACCESS: Managed Firewall and Security-as-a-Service

Current VPN architectures fall short of meeting application performance expectations of remote users, and the use of shadow IT by remote users to work around VPN issues poses a security risk for IT departments. Other limitations and issues for employees and remote users include slow VPM access and application performance, and frequent disconnection and confusion while on the go and travelling. As a result, IT departments are lumbered with a high number of complaints, difficulties ensuring security and compliance, lack of network visibility and high costs and complexity.

Considering the issues listed above, Aryaka have designed SmartACCESS, the first clientless SD WAN to software-defined remote access. For the first time, Aryaka have integrated Dynamic Content Delivery Network (CDN) functionality with SD-WAN. This has resulted in significantly enhanced on-premise and cloud/SaaS application performance for remote workers.

SmartACCESS provides up to 3 times faster application performance, so users can enjoy speedy delivery of applications to all devices and operating systems. SmartACCESS also enables remote users to use a single domain name to connect to the VPN concentrator without having to change to local VPN settings. For IT departments, one of the main strengths is that it is delivered as a service, and so requires very little set-up work. This service can be easily rolled out to a global organisation within a matter of hours, and has the ability to scale within minutes.

Now more than ever workers need the flexibility to be able to work from anywhere. But for most, network latency inhibits application performance and therefore greatly hinders productivity. SD WAN technologies have provided solutions for this for branch workers, but now Aryaka’s SmartACCESS has provided the solution for mobile and remote workers.