Getting back to work post lockdown. Is your business ready?

Although the lockdown will probably continue for a number of weeks, now is the best time to be looking to the future and start planning for what’s going to happen to your business once lockdown ends. New measures will be put in place and businesses will need to make big changes. Fast.

Here at Vanix, part of the Ampito Group, we can help your business prepare, plan, and implement any changes you need to make to adhere to the new norm of social distancing and remote working.

We have recently published a post on Life During and After Lockdown, now we’ve come up with few tips to help you prepare for next steps.

1. Conduct a risk assessment

To evaluate what measures need to be put in place in your premises, ensuring the safety of staff and visitors, a risk assessment should be carried out. Employees might be feeling apprehensive about returning to work and what measures your company is putting into place to safeguard them, so involving them in the process is important.
At Vanix, we can help organisations have a better understanding of their business criticalities and the hazards and threats that may result in disruptions. Contact us to discuss our business continuity and risk assessment services.

2. Communicate with staff

Then you should prepare the workforce for returning to work and decide who will get back to the workplace and when. Taking into consideration business needs, vulnerable employees who need to stay isolated, employees who can continue working from home with the right equipment, etc.
Any plan should be documented, clear to follow and communicated to all staff.
We provide solutions for remote working, from laptops, headsets, phones to 4G routers and VPN for the best secure home connectivity. Contact us to see how we can help your remote workforce remain efficient and productive.

3. Implement social distancing

Social distancing is reducing day-to-day contact with other people as much as possible. In the first instance, companies should encourage and enable their employees to work from home wherever possible. However, this will not be the case for everyone, and as an employer, you must ensure social distancing measures are followed in the workplace.

These can include:

  • Ensuring a minimum two-metre distance between people
  • Avoiding small and large gatherings (so, where possible, meetings should take place virtually)
  • If you have a large workforce, you will want to ensure you are not crowding the workplace, so this might mean staggering breaks and work patterns
  • Restricting or limiting the number of customers inside your premises at any time
  • Specifying seating/desk arrangements for staff to ensure minimum work distances are respected
  • Using digital means for transferring paperwork, such as invoices, delivery notes and pro forma, instead of hard copies

At Vanix, we have a large stock of PPE equipment including masks, signage, and protective screens to help you implement social distancing at the workplace. It is also paramount to ensure hygiene of premises and staff! Contact us to check our PPE stock.

Prepare now to succeed later! It is worth taking the time to prepare your business now while the UK is still in lockdown, and while you can still claim grants from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.