Happy to be part in the fight against COVID-19

Vanix, part of the Ampito Group, is taking part in the fight against the Coronavirus. It is for this reason that we decide to help companies supplying them with our stocks of masks, hand sanitiser and much more during this unprecedented and difficult period. Below you will find what our stocks can offer:

Phone Steriliser - Compatible for smartphones up to 6.5” - The UV light kills bacteria and viruses rapidly. Adopt the portable design which you can take it wherever you go.

Sanitising Wet Wipes - 10 per pack - When you go out to shake hands with people, touch the door handles of public places, elevator buttons and other public items, take an alcohol wipe to wipe your hands to ensure that your hands are not polluted! Effectively build a health barrier for you!

FFP2 Face Mask - FFP2 certified face masks to offer the best protection, suitable for protection of haze particles, food, chemicals, coal dust, cement dust, metal smelting and processing manufacturing.

Hand sanitizer (40ml, 60ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml,1000ml) - keep your hands clean and free of germs, all without the need for soap and water. Simply dispense a small drop of product into your palm, rub your hands together, and the powerful formula goes to work safeguarding your health.

Disposable Latex Gloves - 100 per box - Excellent fit for comfort sensitivity & safety

Face Shield - It's essential to keep yourselves protected from the virus at this time. It's especially important for key worker or for people who are likely to come into contact with several people during the day.

Disposable Protective Body Suit - full body protective coveralls for your convenience and all-round protection of your health, it is durable and comfortable in working environment.

Polycarbonate Sneeze Guards:

  • Premium Large Counter Screen - 1000mm W x 800mm H 6mm Thick cut out 500mm W x 300mm H (also available without cut-out)
  • Premium Medium Counter Screen - 800mm W x 800mm H 6mm Thick cut out 400mm W x 300mm H (also available without cut-out)
  • Premium Small Counter Screen - 600mm W x 800mm H 6mm Thick cut out 300mm W x 200mm H (also available without cut-out)
  • Premium Sneeze Guard - 600mm W x 400mm H 6mm Thick. No cut out
  • Premium Desk Divider - 600mm W x 800mm H 6mm Thick. No cut out

COVID-19 Signage – e.g. keep your distance floor sticks, signs, flyers, pop-up banners

Keep you and your workforce safe! Do not hesitate to contact Lee Brearley (info@vanix.co.uk) today to have more information about prices or to ask a quotation. We are here to help you!