Holistic Threat Assessment

Vulnerabilities are often exploited by combining different attack surfaces, and so it is the holistic approach. We Fight Fraud combines multiple perspective in integrating teams, penetration testing, red teaming and human hacking become more than the sum of the parts. Findings can then be integrated into a strategy which includes digital, physical and human solutions including bespoke staff training.

Multiple tests, multiple perspectives, multiple security

WTH What is the Holistic Threat Assessment?

HTA combines multiple threat assessments and perspectives – including law and criminal enforcement – to create a complete test of your company’s defences. This assessment is tailored to your sector and your organisation. Finally, HTA provides a real-world assessment of how criminals can attack your business, revealing vulnerabilities missed by other testers.

Unique multi-perspective assessment


Over 48 hours, We Fight Fraud is able to look at your organisation with digital, physical and social engineering techniques. Moreover, using a unique multi-perspective assessment method, WFF can reveal many hidden real-world current threats.
Post assessment, you will receive a complete report about vulnerabilities and suggestions for mitigating your risk. Thanks to team diversity and current knowledge of threats, WFF is practical, pragmatic, actionable and very different from generic testing.

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