Why the C-suite needs to have more impact for cloud success?

Digital transformation has added yet another layer of complexity for the C-Suite, challenging leaders to effectively implement, manage and refine digital strategies within their businesses.

According to a recent survey, when cloud decision makers discuss the importance of roles across the organisation in the success of their IaaS investments, they refer to functions throughout the business. Unsurprisingly, technical roles top the list, including IT operations and infrastructure, and security.
However, only 1 in 5 cloud decision makers characterised the C-Suite as being involved in the success of their public cloud infrastructure. They are perceived as having very little involvement in the success of the organisation’s public cloud infrastructure investments. The data indicates that one of the causes for this shortcoming may be lack of visibility.

Companies seeking to transform their business in the cloud need to be smart about options and strategic about implementation. As the path to digital transformation continues to evolve, the C-Suite is primed to be the next voice to help lead the cloud discussions that can change the trajectory of a business.

Today’s C-suite leaders have a crucial choice to make: They can float from one cloud solution to the next or develop a comprehensive cloud plan that fits hand-in-glove with their strategic and operational goals. Indeed, cloud-smart leaders run their businesses more efficiently and can take advantage of AI, machine learning, and no- or low-code applications. Those who steer their organisations to take full advantage of the cloud will most certainly rise above the rest.

Here are a few tips for any C-Suite leader within an organisation to become cloud savvy, while also making their teams smarter:

  • Ask questions: Get insight from others to better understand the cloud.
  • Collaborate with interdepartmental leaders: Cloud permeates many departments. Leverage and share best practices to the benefit of all.
  • Invest in technology training: To embrace the cloud, employees should have a solid understanding of the technology and its various elements and implementations.
  • Monitor technology investments and continue to optimise: Cloud migration and optimisation is not a static solution but a journey that needs to be continually monitored and updated.

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