ExtremeWireless: take your workforce connection to a whole new level

Since most devices now connect wirelessly, your workforce experience working from home will depend a lot on their Wi-Fi performance. A lot of devices competing for throughput on one network can cause internal traffic issues and downgrade performance when working remotely. ExtremeWireless is the perfect solution for remote working. It is powered by Cloud, ML and AI to deliver enhanced user experiences with effortless networking.


Optimise and protect your bandwidth.
ExtremeWirelss used the latest technologies to optimise and protect bandwidth in all environments.

Next-Generation Extreme Cloud Management
ExtremeWireless combines the leading Wi-Fi 6 hardware with next-generation Extreme cloud management to simplify every aspect of IT operations from deployment to support.

Self-driving Wi-Fi
Self-driving Wi-Fi powered by millions of actionable insights to continually adapt and adjust performance.


Latest Technology
The latest WI-FI 6 technologies including OFDM, MU-MIMO and software defined dual 5 GHz radios deliver uncompromising performance in the most demanding environments.

Assist IT
Combined with industry leading network management, access points capture performance and security insights about associated clients to assist IT in both optimising and protecting their network and organisation.

Capacity Network Maximised
Identify associated users, devices, and applications, applying contextualised network policies to prioritise, restrict, or limit network performance at an individual or group level to ensure your high capacity network is maximised.

Secures corporate, guest, BYOD, and IoT devices to enterprise levels with a range of authentication options and granular network policies that can be applied globally or customised for local access.

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