Fortinet Launch FortiXDR!

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, making monitoring attacks a lot harder. There are so many areas where a threat could be sneaking in that it is hard to monitor them all. Here is where Fortinets FortiXDR comes in.

Extended Detection, Extended Investigation, Extended Response

FortiXDR What is FortiXDR?

Fortinet has just announced it's new AI powered Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution. Designed to extend the Fortinet Security Fabric, by reducing complexity, accelerating detection, automating alert investigations, and coordinating responses to cyberattacks. FortiXDR puts a bit more simplicity in to security, by helping to have a organisational level inspection of all aspect of cyber security, detecting, investigation and responding to help you fight cyber threats.

Keyboard Hack Why look to FortiXDR? 48

Augmented with Artifical Intelligence (AI) across all elements of the process, FortiXDR approaches threats with intelligence and learns with each new threat. Thus building it's resilience and catering to the type of threat that you regularly may receive.
Upgrade the fabric of your security to cover a variety of threats, and guard against attacks.

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