ExtremeCloud IQ for Retail

The world is facing an extraordinary crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves throughout global communities, dislocated international supply chains, and triggered steep selloffs in multiple markets.

The changes in the external environment surrounding the retail industry greatly altered conventional wisdom and just might create a new structure and circumstances (a “new normal”). This will have a wide range of impacts on politics, economy, and our lifestyles, including the digital technologies that support them. Weaker players will, unfortunately, cease to exist, leaving behind a smaller but more resilient sector that has acted fast.

ExtremeCloud IQ helps businesses to act fast and avoid being a weak player in the current fast-changing environment. ExtremeCloud IQ leverages 4th generation cloud heritage delivering retailers with a F.A.S.T. solution:
• Flexibility: right-sized for skills, scale, and business objectives.
• Agility: speed and continuous delivery of new features and capabilities.
• Security: proven protection in the most risk-sensitive environments.
• Technology: access to best-of-breed technologies in the world.

ExtemeCloud IQ has multiple benefits for your business like:
• Retail-Centric Business Dashboards: these dashboards provide customised analytics for business personas and the sites supported by the network: shopper presence and proximity insights, visitor traffic data, in-store engagement behaviors, and loyalty metrics-on real-time or historically across multiple stores.
• Centralised management: With ExtremeCloud IQ retailers can offload the need for dedicated IT resources with centralised network visibility and management for wired, wireless, and SD-WAN.
• Deployment Flexibility: With ExtremeCloud IQ, retailers have access to a cloud-agnostic platform. That offers the unique ability to move access points, switches, and routers seamlessly and securely within or between any of its cloud management deployment options.
• Actionable insights: Extreme Cloud IQ provides retailers with comprehensive built-in intelligence, delivering actionable insights for superior performance, troubleshooting, and remediation-all from a central platform.
• Enhanced shopping experiences: With centralised management and flexible deployment options, retail IT teams can offload the resource-heavy administrative tasks of manually managing the network and maintaining business uptime, to instead focus on more innovative and personalised shopper engagement.

The long-term social, economic, and health impacts of the COVID-19 virus are still unknown. However, it is clear that the global response to this virus has fundamentally changed the reality for retailers, that’s why it's time to face that fact and start adapting. ExtremeCloud IQ is the first step for your business to seamlessly adapt and keep up with the current fast-changing environment.