Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras + Everyangle

The current situation obliges many companies to re-adapt and many employees to work from home. But what about shops, supermarket and many other business which cannot operate remotely? How can you protect your workers, who are likely to come into contact with several people during the day?

Vanix, as part of the Ampito Group, is glad to introduce the perfect solution for you, your business and your customers: Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras + EVERYANGLE. A simple and non-intrusive solution, which counts each customers as they enter and leave the store. Moreover, it reports at all times exactly how many people are inside the store and according to the established limits, informs customers outside when they are allowed to enter.

Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras + EVERYANGLE can bring your business many benefits:

  • Save money in Security Guards
  • Monitor in store customer occupancy to maximise customer flow
  • Display real time occupancy to reassure customers and staff
  • Alert staff when occupancy levels near or exceed safe limits
  • Verify customers’ age meets designated shopping hour criteria
  • Alert staff when non-designated aged customers enter in-store
  • Monitor social distance spacing between customers to de-risk check-out experience
  • Use outdoor cameras to monitor number of customers queuing to enter

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