Fortinet Launch FortiXDR!

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, making monitoring attacks a lot harder. There are so many areas where a threat could be sneaking in that it is hard to monitor them all. Here is where Fortinets FortiXDR comes in.
Extended Detection, Extended Investigation, Extended Response

FortiXDRWhat is FortiXDR?

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How does Zero Trust Network reduce the business risk of working remotely?

The ability to work from anywhere means that IT must prioritise user-experience. Access to private applications should not require VPN or waiting for traffic to be backhauled to a datacentre just to go out to public cloud. Gartner predicts that in the aftermath of COVID-19, 74% of companies will move some employees to remote working permanently. Are your security and mobility teams prepared for working remotely anywhere?

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Top IT Challenges of Working Remotely and How to Overcome Them

Amid the current Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), a lot of employers and contractors worldwide are being advised to work from home. Users, servers, apps, and Smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be located everywhere, and this is a transformation for everybody.

A remote-based lifestyle can certainly offer advantages for both businesses and employees, but it has its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to IT. These are our top challenges of working remotely:

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